Lifetime running goals

When I was reading about Jeanie Rice (3:33 marathon age 76) this week, I was inspired and have been thinking about longevity and fitness goals.

In the past I don’t think I’ve ever set a running goal that’s more than 18 months out, but now Im thinking about ‘what would I like to be capable of when Im 75?’

(I’ve also met too many retired advanced runners who hang up their running shoes when their performance declines…I want to figure out how to avoid falling out of love with running).

Has anyone thought like this?

I think the trick will be to aim for something realistic, like ‘run 5k continuously at age 75’ rather than break any records.

Speed: I’d love to run a 2:19:xx marathon one day.

Distance: 100,000 kilometres run in a lifetime.

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Guess what?

Our Editor-at-large, Amby, maintains the website 100k Lifetime Miles.

You’d need to switch over to the metric system, and add about 60% to your planned volume, to get on there…but I think you’ve got it in you.