What Are You Training For?

This is a thread to share any events you’ve signed up for and are training for!

It’s a great place to connect with others that have signed up for the same event :slight_smile:

Let me start, Im currently training* for RacingThePlanet Jordan in September 2024.

I also want to run a good marathon in 2025 to give my training some focus; I’ve entered the London 2025 ballot, but assuming I don’t get in I’m on the hunt for a nice 26.2 miler next spring!

*unstructured, occasional runs.


Wow - RacingThePlanet Jordan looks like a hell of a race - I would love to run something like that one day.

I was training for the exmoor coastal marathon, but unfortunately tendonitis in my ankle set me back.

The race is in just under two weeks, but I haven’t been able to run much at all in the last two months as my ankle seems to flair up a bit when I do so, so I’m considering not racing at all, and just focusing on strength training and recovery and picking a marathon later in the year instead:)


i should mention - it’s my first marathon - I perhaps should have picked a slightly easier one, but I liked the idea of a challenge, and the start line is less than one mile from my house!

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I’m very excited about the Revel White Mountains Marathon in New Hampshire this coming Sunday. I have been training hard over the last five months, and as a trail runner, I always get a little anxious about road races!

A handful of my friends from my trail running club in Costa Rica decided to take on the challenge with me, and we are ready to head up and give it our best. If anyone knows the area and has some tips for us, please send them along!

Then, it’s on to 100K at Kodiak in October!


I am training to break 30 minutes in the 10k. Ten points to the person who can point me to the 10k course with the greatest net downhill.